IFTTT “If This then That” is a free web-based service that is about connecting online services and internet-connected devices through this event-action model “IF certain event happens, then trigger this action”. This event-action model represents a lot of simple life situations around us – for example, if it is 7 am (event), trigger my coffee maker to prepare morning coffee (action). a?Another example might be of sending an email if user is tagged by someone on facebook !. IFTTT was created by Linden Tibbets, Jesse Tane, Scott Tong and Alexander Tibbets in San Francisco, in September 2011.

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IFTTT terms these event-action combinations as ‘recipes’, and users can build their own or select from previously created ones and reconfigure as required. Besides ‘recipes’, ‘Channels’ are considered the basic building blocks representing data from certain web service (e.g. youtube) and information of stock market. For each channel, there is a set of triggers and actions available.

Getting started with IFTTT, visit this link: